Creating spaces that make your world beautiful.

Office Space, Reception, Showrooms, Retail, Hotel, Restaurants, Beauty, wellness, Product Display, Exhibition Stall, Residence, Furniture Design & Decorative Elements.

Interior Design Firm Based in Pune.

Established in year 2005, INEX understands & believes that work is the best brand ambassador. Our work at INEX is consciously designed to be unique in appeal and grounded in the principle pillar of “form follows function”.

Headquartered in Pune (MS), INEX has fully functional branch in Chennai. Our methodology, approach to creative problem solving, begins with the observation and understanding of the unique value sets & requirements of each client. The central focus of our practice is design excellence achieved through active collaboration with clients and specialists from other related disciplines of architecture and structural excellence.

Every Project of ours is planned backed by years of market research and understanding of the specific needs of commercial & residential spaces of today!

We focus primarily on office spaces, retail showroom, restaurants, and residential also special purpose projects.